Key Components Your Website Needs to Raise Venture Capital Money


More startups mean more competition for venture capital money. StartupGrind asked a few entrepreneurs experienced with VCs for their best tips on designing websites to catch the eyes of potential investors, and for me it’s all about the value proposition (or at least that’s the start!). When designing your site, make sure the value proposition is right on the homepage and easy to spot. Just one or two sentences should do the trick, and don’t make visitors scroll (which means mobile readiness is key). They should see both the headline and CTA immediately.

You’ll also want to display social proof according to another startup founder. Interlink and make sure it’s clear that your startup has a strong social presence and following. That’s one of the easiest ways people, including investors, can tell that you’re established and professional.

The layout and messaging of your site should be in keeping of current best practices, including SEO. Hiring an SEO-savvy web designer, preferably one with extensive startup experience, is one of the best investments you can make.

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