Here is a little bit about me and my life that most people don’t know. I’m just your average guy that has a passion to succeed. Life hasn’t always been roses but through hard work I’ve gotten to where I am today.

Hamed Zadran


Hamed Zadran is a blogger and web developer. He's been working online for a number of years his and his number one goal is to help other people achieve the dreams that they never thought possible.


Hamed Zadran launched this website to serve people and online businesses searching for a smooth blog setup that points them in the direction of long term success.

He loves to counsel timid beginners on overcoming those initial blogging fears that hold back isolated, direction-starved dreamers.

He help newbies discover how blogging opens doors to opportunity, connection, creativity, wealth and happiness.
Hamed also consults already established bloggers on new ideas to increase their reach and income.
Hamed loves WordPress because his background is in writing, not technology. Hamed has a vision for this Blog to lead 1000 individual bloggers to financial independence.
Will you be one?


Logo Making

I am a Professional Graphic Designer. And I have more than 2 Years experience in Graphic Designing field.


I am website developer having Strong command on CSS3.


Over 3 years of web development experience! I am an ambitious professional freelance web developer, programmer and full-time entrepreneur.

Animation Videos

I'm rudimentary and Creative video Animator with 6 months experience.