3 Rules Before Contacting:



Rule #1

I’m human, I like being flattered. The more you flatter me and tug at my heart strings the more likely I am to respond to you. You can start by following me on social media and being an active part of my community. Do this BEFORE contacting me, see links above. Keep your story VERY short. Don’t ramble and keep it to the point.

Rule #2

I get pitched 5-10x a day. If you’re going to pitch me a blog or story please keep it brief. Sum up what you do in the first sentence or I will stop reading. This isn’t me being a jerk, it’s conserving time for all the other emails I receive on a daily basis as well as building my own dreams!

I get asked for “just 5 minutes of my time” so many times that if I responded to every one of them I wouldn’t be able to get any actual work done. Don’t take it personally if I can’t talk to you on the phone or respond to your email. Thanks for being understanding.

Rule #3

I love seeing people building their blogs. It gives me a high that I can’t live without. If you think you have what it takes, make your pitch amazing.

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